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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Mortuus Pupa

The year was 1954, and driving on a Sunday afternoon in the cool autumn was a nice pasttime for sightseeing and to enjoy the weather. 

The Watsons were doing just that, driving in remote parts of Vermont passing over hill and dale with red, brown and yellow leaves chasing the car down the country lanes as it passed by.  It was getting towards dusk and they had made a turn around to head back home, about an hours drive.  As they passed down one isolated road Mrs. Watson thought she noticed something peculiar and out of place.  She hesitated for a moment, was not sure about it at all.  But then she spoke.

"Honey, did you see that child standing off the road?"

"No what child? Are you sure?"

"Now that I think about it yes...and so far from anything.  Maybe we should turn around?"

"Are you sure you saw something?  It wasnt just your imagination?  You sure you just didnt see a scarecrow?"

Mr. Watson had some experience in these matters.  Mrs. Watson would often wake him in the middle of the night to go investigate strange sounds or a light she thought she saw only for him to find out it was the furnace or the radio was left on.

"Yes dear I am was not a scarecrow and besides there are no fields or anything around...and I am worried now...if it is a child what is it doing so far out here in the middle of nowhere? We are miles from the nearest house and it is getting dark!  Please turn around I wont be able to sleep tonight!"

Mr. Watson thought about it for a second and the image of his wife tossing and turning and finally shaking him awake about the child at 3 am in the morning drove home the logic of dealing with it now at the opportune time or dealing with the circumstances at 3 am.  Now seemed a better choice.

He slowed down and found a widening in the lane and made his turn.  It was a mile or 2 back to where she said she saw the child.  Nothing was there.

He drove a little bit further beyond the point and asked her "Is it here or where would you like for me to go?  Do you want me to drive a little bit further?"

She replied "Yes dear oh please don't make fun of me, if it was a child we just have to be sure, we just have to!" and tears began welling up in her eyes and she turned so he wouldnt see her upset.  But he knew her too well.

"Honey we will keep looking for awhile, maybe its some kid from a farm off the road, maybe we can ask around?"

"That would be great!...we will look for just a while longer I promise"

They drove slowly for awhile, it was getting darker as dusk was approaching fast.  He would have to turn on his headlights shortly due to the encroaching darkness but went ahead and pulled out the switch just in case.

They kept driving and then turned around a few miles down the road and headed back.     A mile or so further then suddenly off to the side of the road there was a pale little girl standing unmoving in the dusky light.

They slowly pulled up and Mr. Watson exclaimed "Oh my gosh Betty you were right! But how did this kid get so far down the road so quick?"

"I dont know maybe I was wrong where I thought I saw her?"

They pulled up alongside the girl.  She was about 8 years old, thin, oh so thin. Shallow and gaunt features and deep sunken eyes with blue lips breathing deeply and slowly in the night, her long dark hair hanging unkempt.  She was barefoot and on such a cold, cold night with a hard frost coming on strong pained Mrs. Watsons heart for the little girl.  The fog was starting to roll in and they saw in the encroaching darkness on the little girl  what appeared to be small light wounds and scarring on her arms and legs and the thin gown she wore would barely provide warmth to anything.

Mrs. Watson rolled down the window and spoke to her as the girl was on her side of the car.

"Honey are you lost?"  No answer.

"Sweetie do you need help? Are you hurt?"  No answer.

Mrs. Watson turned to her husband "We just can't leave her here!".  Mr. Watson got out of the car and walked around to his wife's side.  He said to the little girl "Now honey we can't help you if you don't tell us who you are and where you live?"

The girl swayed in her stance as though weak in hunger and in strength but said if looking through the Watsons and the car. Her focus of her eyes were so distant as if looking far away.

Mr. Watson shivered under the now night air.   He said "Honey why don't you come with us?  We can take you where ever you need or want to go, so you will be safe.  We cannot just leave you out here all alone, its not safe and its so cold!"

He slowly opened the back door of the car.  He turned to the little girl and said "Now come on with us, we will take you where its warm and safe and we can find your parents.  Someone must be looking for you?"

When he said the word parents, she glanced at him for the first time, her eyes on him.  She slowly padded to the car in a strange motion, her feet plopping as she walked to the car.  She finally got in the backseat of the car.  At the same time the Watsons looked at each other.  They noticed the dark stains on her gown and knew what it was.  Mrs. Watson looked back at her husband alarmed but said nothing.  He nodded to her acknowledging that he saw it too and confirming her fears.

He closed the door and went around and got in.  He turned up the heat in the car to fight off the cold autumnal air and started to drive off, looking in the rearview mirror at the little girl.  He said "Sweetie do you know where you live or where your home is? Do you know who can help you?"

No answer.

They drove in silence for a minute or two, the Watsons glancing at each other nervously.  Mr. Watson said "Maybe we should go to the first police station or hospital we come to, obviously there is some problem here".   Mrs. Watson agreed.

She turned to the back seat with a wide smile and started to speak to comfort the little girl.  Suddenly the little girl shrieked a curdling scream and jumped on the back of Mrs. Watson head, and within seconds was tearing the nose, ears, lips and skin off her face and head and biting her neck down to the bone severing arteries, rendering all flesh in a matter of seconds.

Mr. Watson was so surprised by the attack he didnt even have time to respond to stop the car and even slow down, he kept one hand on the steering wheel and with his spare hand tried to fight the girl off his wife. In seconds Mrs. Watson was ripped to shreds and was dying fast, then she was dead and the zombie girl turned on Mr. Watson.

The car drove off the road crashing into the ditch with the bumper,  fenders and headlights smashed..  The car sat quietly in the dark wrecked and hissing steam from the radiator was the only sound.

Then there was dead silence and darkness except for small unidentifiable sounds coming from the car.  Then there was the sound of broken glass and the patter of bare feet in the night.

Story:  Copyright 2011 - Mansion at Midnight
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  1. oooh! Thanks so much for commenting on my blog, or I might never have found yours! What a perfect way to start a foggy morning- reading a great story.

    I also read your profile (stalkerish, I know) and we share musical tastes! BNL, STP, and Peter Gabriel? Awesome. Salsbury Hill is one of the songs I have picked out for my funeral. We morbid creatures must think of these things in advance...

    I'll be back. Thanks again.