Mansion at Midnight: Halloween Night, A Little Spooky and a Little Rainy

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Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Night, A Little Spooky and a Little Rainy

Well we had a ton of kids tonight, went through 200 pieces of candy with 2 pieces per tot so we had a hundred kids which is a lot more than the previous years, when we first moved in we had maybe 10 kids 6 years ago.

As you can tell, the video camera I have for youtube videos is ok for video but absolutely horrible for pics, sorry for that.  Rain showers came so cut short prematurely our Halloween night before I could get our other camera out.

Here is  a shot of Madame Leota Oakbrook and Haunted Candelabra:

Here is our front door approach on the way to get candy:

And here is daytime walkaround video:

And here is our night shot of our set:

I had my Madame Leota Oakbrook and other lighting out, and after a few hours rain showers came through so I had to take the more sensitive electronics in, I felt bad as I told some of my neighbors to come by when it was darker to see the special effects and they missed it because of the rain.

But I was able to get some shots made, here are some more day time shots:

And some more night time shots:

Rain was a bummer but we were getting low on candy even with the rain!

Well there is always next year and it will be easier to setup and all as its pretty much done now.  Hmmmm except maybe for those walk through columns and maybe the groundskeeper from Haunted Mansion and ....and.......and.....

Ha!  Always planning for next year!

Happy Halloween everybody!