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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Halloween Trial Run Integration Testing

Ha ha....harking back to my days as a aerospace are some trial runs for integration test for Halloween...... you will hear in the background a box fan running (cause its Florida and its darn hot) and on the other video the control relays for the skulls.

Here is my Madam Leota Oakbrook:

Here is the Boys singing Grim Grinning Ghosts...they are the hacked Gemmy Skulls from Lowes they are driven by 2 Mr Christmas Digital Display units (i.e.light organs) which drive relays which cycle DC power off and on to the skulls.  The relays will be inside the house tucked away in a box so you wont hear them outside, that is what all the clicking sounds are...if I could find ac coil solid state relays reasonably cheap I would incorporate that in the design, but alas I am limited to what I can get at Radio Shack.  The relays when mounted in box inside  may garner the attention of the cats who will think its mice or something but it will be more seamless presentation to the TOTS outside, I hope young and old alike will get to enjoy it:

And here is the Front Door Header with the skulls, candles, mad Ravens with red glowing eyes and flickering pumpkins...the large candles are made from plastic bottles of that yucky stuff you drink for cat scans (non-feline more x-ray related), they are mounted on greek yogurt containers with caulk for melted candle effect...

When installed and running on Halloween I will take videos and pics and post is just a little sample of lighting and just a small bit of decoration that I have up for halloween:

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