Mansion at Midnight: Channeling Herman Munster's Hot Rod

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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Channeling Herman Munster's Hot Rod

Ok so in the greater Daytona Beach area we are in Biktoberfest, a long weekend of bikers visiting the area for a mini-bike week.  Not as crowded as the spring bike week.

So I see a guy drive into a parking lot get together with a car that reminded me of  Herman Munster's hot rod, really cool and I got really nostalgic.  I loved the Munsters:

This guy had a nice hot rod, the lid was on electric lifts, he pushed a button on his keychain and the lid came up....really so cool and just like Herman Munster's Hot Rod:

Those straight it was loud.....but cool.


  1. That is rad. Did you hijack it? I totally would have tried.

  2. Crusty old bikers would have chased me down and beaten me handedly. The guy was real nice and the detail was exceptional! Perfect for Halloween