Mansion at Midnight: October 2014

This is my little not so scary Halloween blog "Mansion At Midnight"
... Inspired by Disney's Haunted Mansion...
I always wanted to be at the Haunted Mansion at Midnight...

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In Irons

Friday, October 31, 2014

Grim Grinning Ghosts Projection over Front Door

Here is my front door header including the Grim Grinning Ghost boys from the ol' cemetery singing a creepy tune from Haunted Mansion..... took  the pics around midnight  too!  (Mrs Irons peeking her head out the door: "Are you ever coming in?")

Here is a pic:

Here is short video... no sound effectively... heck it was Midnight!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Dave Lowe Inspired Spooky Sign Post do have a blog, I never said I would be good at it... its been far too long.... but this year will post some new prop builds.... and here we are!

Dave Lowe simply rocks and if you have never seen his Blog you are truly missing out.

Dave some time back posted a prop of a haunted sign post and with his inspiration I made a sign post too.

I added some dollar tree crows that I hacked led eyes in and also found a lantern at Target and put a flicker light in with a FS2 fluorescent light yields a great flicker effect with a night light bulb.   The signs I got off Amazon I just didn't have time to make them but they look nice!

I think it came out great! THANKS DAVE