Mansion at Midnight: 2015

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... Inspired by Disney's Haunted Mansion...
I always wanted to be at the Haunted Mansion at Midnight...

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In Irons

Monday, November 2, 2015

Tale of a Halloween Fright on a Halloween Night

Twas a tale from a long time ago
A spooky tale as the story was told
A tale of a Halloween Fright
That occurs on every Halloween night

Ghosts that appear this time each year
Such a sight that made the villagers fear
So warnings with sign by candle light doth shine
But there's no turning back now
 On to the scene of the crime

You see in these parts before this village built
Lived a bewitching spinstress named Leota Oakbrook

With riches and wealth being unsurpassed
Inevitable was her future not to last
She was pursued by three suitors with a wicked plan
And to their devices thievery soon began
They tried to steal her money instead of her heart
And thats where their evil plan soon fell apart

Their actions resulted in deadly consequence
All three perished with out penance
See they were poisoned but mistakenly
Miss Oakbrook drank the potion intended for three
So now in her death her spell has been cast
To bring back their spirits from the past

So walk these fair lanes and streets of this hollow
But look over your shoulder to be sure your not followed

By these ghosts from a Halloween past
Three ghosts and a wicked spirit who didnt last

As they haunt here on this special night
Be forewarned of this spooky fright
And be wary of the evil witch's spell
So get your treats, perform no tricks and do not dwell

And be careful in this village on Halloween
For the ghosts come a haunting and are often seen!


Here is to these truths we do present 
a video for viewing and to document:

And here is daytime shot for non-vampire folk:

Monday, October 26, 2015

Getting Ready Part 2

Well here is the final installation for my Warning for the folks in my village.  It is Dave Lowe inspired who is prop master on the Hallmark show Home and Family.  You should check out Dave Lowe Blog

Simple build and low cost... I had the hangar existing and the hay bale as well (it will be reused in our Fall and Thanksgiving decorations)

I managed through the craft of non-green thumbery to have the flowers partly die on me, so they lend itself well to halloween installation.

The raven is a $1 store raven, the sign is a dollar store $1 foam board.  I painted it with old bad coffee (because that is appropriate for halloween right?) and just painted the edges with watered down black paint and dry brush.  Then the wording was done by Sharpie ink pen

The pumpkin is a $1 plastic pumpkin, I cut out the eyes and mouth and put a $1 solar light inside it.

The candle hanging off the hanger is an old candle that was finished so I just wrapped twine around it and inserted a solar cell for the cap... I placed orange plastic wrap that the local penny saver is sent in  and just stuffed it in the glass and inserted the solar light... at night it glows and illuminates the sign with a subdued orange glow.

All and all a nice and inexpensive halloween decoration

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Getting Ready....

Dash the Cat modeling this years Warning sign....

The sign will be posted out front on maple tree.... with a flickering lantern to warn passersby at night that yes indeed on Halloween there will be ghosts and goblins in the Village!

I got a foam board from dollar tree store (it was of course $1), painted several coats of old black coffee over it a few weeks ago and really soaked it several times.  Let it dry and then I cut out the edges and with a rag and some diluted black paint dusted the edges to make it look burnt.  Then I simply used a sharpie black pen and wrote the lettering