Mansion at Midnight: August 2012

This is my little not so scary Halloween blog "Mansion At Midnight"
... Inspired by Disney's Haunted Mansion...
I always wanted to be at the Haunted Mansion at Midnight...

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In Irons

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Still In Love.....

Ok not a Halloween related post but I did state that on occassion will post non-related halloween thingamajigs.... thats the beauty of blogs.  You do what you want when you want.

26 years ago today a younger thinner man asked a pretty girl out on their first date.   26 years later with all of life's up and downs I am proud to say I am the luckiest man.

I met Mrs. Irons through the world's second oldest profession....... yep...... Banking

She was a pretty teller that all the single men in our locale was chasing with no success and it must have been in a moment of weakness that she relented and agreed to go out on our first date.

Down to the Inlet to a seafood restaurant on the water (you know where the bathrooms are marked Gulls and Buoys for their representative genders).  We got stuck at a table near the door.  Everytime the front door of the restaurant opened it banged our table.   But we were in love, it was a Friday night, the candle light was magical.  

26 years later I still feel so blessed to have Mrs Irons in my life.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Halloween Treasures.... No Seriously I Mean It!

As it looks like with work and a ton of other pressing commitments I may not have the time this year to put up any Halloween decorations. Shameful I know.

So I must live vicariously for my Halloween goodness via the capabilities of others....

I am always amazed at how wonderfully resourceful and creative folks are.... especially with today's installment with Halloween Treasure Studio

Here are some samples of their treasures!  Awesome and creative halloween treasures with a vintage feel!

Major Kudos to the artist Cali Lee at Halloween Treasure Studio, check it out!!