Mansion at Midnight: Pumpkins!

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In Irons

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Was in my local Target and they had carving pumpkins for sale.  I looked for pie pumpkins but didnt see any and I didnt have time to walk to other side of the store to see if they were putting any Halloween stuff up

These unfortunately will be rotten to the core by October 31, they just cannot stand up to the weather and climate here in FL for too long.  Cannot grow them here either I checked into it and there are some strange varieties in special circumstances that you can grow them but its just too dad blame hot and buggy and humid here.


  1. Forgive me for posting this as a comment, I could not locate an email for you. Just wanted to make sure you did not miss a chance to win a prize pack over at my blog. New prizes added weekly to boot!

  2. Hey you! Thanks for coming by, and for agreeing about the Clooney contract! ; ) I love it when pumpkins show up but dang I bet they DO rot fast there!!!

  3. Yes nasty miserable hot humid weather does not lend itself to pumpkiny goodness! So sad and hot and humid and it is October even!