Mansion at Midnight: Fall Colors

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Friday, October 19, 2012

Fall Colors

We just got back from New England, visiting family in the north west region of Connecticut.  Absolutely beautiful.

I cannot do any Halloween this year due to work but I can post some fall like pics (taken during a very wet and rainy day) but they came out nice despite the weather.  If it wasnt such a rainy day the colors would be a lot more vibrant. These are pictures from my cousin and uncle's house and on their farm and street they are on.


  1. How pretty! I really like those stone fences.

  2. I like it too.... nothing like it here in FL. Every farmer who cleared property built stone walls because they had to so something with the stones that were in the fields. Even deep in the woods you will come upon stone walls and wonder who put them there... not a field around