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In Irons

Monday, September 3, 2012

In Irons Sunset Cruise

Ok so we took 3 hour cruise with the nice Arabella (Funcat 55' catamaran) out of Ponce Inlet FL.   Yes they play the music from Gilligans Island on the way out!  

 It was a blast they do a really good job with their operation.  All the wine, beer and snacks (cheese and crackers, vegies and fruit trays) you desire and they make sure you are well suppiled during the trip.

Crew was very nice, they didnt treat us like Lubbers and they did their best to ensure everyone was comfortable and had a nice time.

Mrs Irons and her sister and hubby and some friends all went, we got a nice Groupon.  Here is some pics from the day, we got out of the inlet onto the ocean for a bit, very light winds, very calm seas with slight ground swell of 2-3 feet coming in but still some folks were feeling a bit seasick.  I am lucky it doesnt affect me.

Just absolutely beautiful day, beautiful sunset.  I have had a few sailboats in my time and its got me thinking again...   here is the lovely Arabella:

Ponce Inlet Lighthouse

Port view Off Coast of Daytona Beach

And they set sail and turned off the motors...splendid!

Mrs Irons enjoying the breeze, she hates having her picture taken especially with the humidity doing its thing with her hair.  A lovely Lass

Babes on Board

Stern view looking Aft at Daytona skyline

Orientation speech by Captain Sam with Rebecca at the wheel

Start of Sunset as we approach the Inlet

 Rough Video of Sunset and of Captain Sam, Youtube promised to clean up the "shakiness" of the video

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