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In Irons

Monday, December 17, 2012


I have family in Connecticut, its a fine and beautiful state, we are not too far from Newtown.

Tragedy has befallen the most innocent.  Babies have suffered the onslaught of evil. We are heartbroken and asking the questions on why and how this can occur, apparently evil knows many ways.  So God gave us free will, the devil uses this to his advantage and uses any manner and method and thinks nothing of sacrificing innocent children if he can get just one person to deny their faith.  It is the only way I have of being able to explain why things like this happen.

The wonderful Dave Lowe on his blog has created a very moving sentiment....

God bless the children of the world and the families who have all suffered loss at the hands of violence


  1. The world is unbelievable at times. But I do hope you and yours has a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Here's to spooky bloggin in 2013

    1. God bless you and your son for this Christmas!

      I know you have had your share of challenges this year... Cheers to you and yours for a healthy new year!