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Friday, July 20, 2012

Horror oh The Horror..... the Blog Template Horror

Sitting here minding my own business blogging and stuff and of course Google/Blogger made some sort of upgrade a while back.

WTF?!?  (Why the Face ;)  )

Nothing would align as per the template layout designer. It was driving me crazy.   And the new template layout tool wouldnt let put my sidebar in the right place.... Arrrgggghhh! So frustrating

So I was going in and roughing out html tags and what not by hand.  This went on for the past few months.  Posted blog forum requests for help and nothing other than others reported it as well.

Then just now, all of a sudden... it started working. I guess Blogspot said "Hey Lets Fix This"

I did add a snazzy background which kinda looks like Haunted Mansion wallpaper....well kinda sorta, so all was not lost except hours out of my life, but I guess it is the price we pay for a free wonderful tool.

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