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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Got Tagged By The Punkin....

I am not the sharpest pencil in the pack, but there is a game of sorts where you get tagged to answer 11 questions and then per the rules tag another 11 folks.   I have seen it on blogosphere and Pensive Pumpkin has tagged me.

Here are the rules:

The Rules
Each person must post 11 things about themselves.
Answer the questions the tagger has set for you.
Create 11 questions for the people you have tagged to answer.
Choose 11 people and link them in your post.
Go to their page and tell them.
No tag backs.

I dont really know that many folks out in the blogosphere... and with 60 hour workweek this may be difficult to pull off but I can start at least with the 11 things about me and answer the questions:

So... here is 11 things about me:

1. I love my lovey dovey wifey... Mrs Irons is the sweetest thing.  I always joke (this makes her roll her eyes) that I met her through the world's second oldest profession...... Banking! (rimshot drum).  People hear that and after a second or two they then go "Ohhhh and the worlds first profession is..." and I cut them off at that point.

2. I love the Fall (Halloween of course and Thanksgiving and me loves me Christmas)

3. I worked in aerospace and worked on the Space Shuttle, Delta expendable rockets and Space Station program.  I have seen the shuttle Space Toilet.   I would not want to be off my feed and be in space and have to use that thing.  Think of the boxlike toilet structure in a porta potty with seatbelt and foot straps, an ass gasket and a centrifuge with a shop vac... in a crowded space in the lower deck about the size of a large elevator. No. I mean seriously no.   In space no one can hear you....

4. I really enjoy Patrick O'Brien novels (Master and Commander) of the Jack Aubrey/Stephen Marturin series (20.5 books in the really should read them all)

5. I swim at the YMCA where the olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte swims at and grew up.  I got up to swimming a mile and half before I stopped due to a recent injury, but I swim the same way Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte do ....just slower

If you dont know who Ryan is, watch the olympics starting this weekend, you may be going Michael Phelps who?   All the girls think he is dreamy and he really is a nice guy if you ever get to meet him.

6. My fathers side of the family includes an Ebaneezer and Thomas Davenport came from England in 1640 to settle in New England. My great great great great uncle Thomas Davenport invented electric motor and car in the early 1800s (made electric motor windings from the silk of his wifes wedding dress). Yes. Silk is conductive. Yes I can imagine the conversation:
     Honey? You know that old wedding dress of yours.....
     Yes dear what about it?
     How do you feel if I .....

7.  My mother's side of the family settled pioneer Florida in the 1840's.  It was Fort Christmas and was essentially what Orlando is today

9. I really like Scifi movies too.  Mrs. Irons not so much.  Romantic comedies we watch together but I truly love going to the movies and movies in general and the industry as a whole.  

I truly like just about anything that Ridley Scott does.  I am so glad he came back to Alien franchise and made Prometheus.  I really liked it.  Strange as I was leaving I had to explain to folks that it was a prequel to the Aliens movie.  They would then go "OOohhhhh I get it.....".  Surprised that so many people didnt know that going into the movie.  Interesting in the Alien Bluray Quadrology I got the director comments had Ridley Scott alluding to practically a prequel back in 1988

I will admit it.... I like Waterworld. Yep.  The most maligned movie ever but I really do like it. And I have a thing for Jeanne Tripplehorn whenever I  watch it.  Cool trimaran.  Nuff said.

10.  I have competed in BBQ and have some recipes published in some obscure books (see Cookshack website).  I will be creating a blog soon on low fat, low sodium, low sugar very healthy BBQ.  No sense in digging your own grave with a knife and a fork.  Stay tuned for Que Yoda blog shortly

11.  I like to sail, swim, surf and dive.   Its been hard to get back in the water but its on the list of things I HAVE TO DO.

Now to answer Pensive's Questions:

1.  Do you find yourself creepily obsessed with anyone?  I often wonder if I'm the only one who didn't outgrow the adolescent crush thing, since no one else seems to talk about it...

ANS> Hmmm not obsessed.   This varies from movie to movie or tv show to tv show.  I just watched Prometheus and the main character played by Noomi Rapace whom at the moment I found myself attracted to, not obsessed.  Maybe it was the barfing scene of her coming out of hyper sleep.  That just tugs at the heartstrings of any boy.  I just bought the Alien Quadrology and now I am strangely digging Sigourney Weaver

2.  How would you describe your style?

ANS> Style? Oh my gosh I have none.  How I dress? I work from home for software company that has no dress code.  So blue t-shirt from Finish Line and khaki shorts and sneakers.  Drives Mrs Irons crazy.  See? NO STYLE.  I wish I did but I am simply not cool in terms of dress.  Believe me, I have had to survive outside of my looks and style for the past 30 years he he!

3.  If you could change professions without worrying about retraining, startup costs, or similar realistic concerns- what would you do?

ANS>  Build electric cars or retrofit existing vehicles to electric cars, make special effects in movie industry, own a restaurant.... the list goes on and on

4.  If you could go back to the version of you that lived ten years ago what (aside from winning lottery numbers and other financial gimmicks) would you tell him or her?

ANS> That I promised to love you 10 years before that and that I will always love you 10 years from then and on

5.  Do you like your blogs funny or serious?  (I ask this because these question things always make me trend serious, and I'd hate to alienate you all...)

ANS> I like honest, productive, funny, witty, creative..... and there are a ton of folks out there that are just that. There are times for seriousness and there are times for utmost happiness.  I think that is what Blog intended

6.  Shower or bath?

ANS> shower, minimum of 2 times a day

7.  Boxers or briefs?

ANS> Briefs for active living, Boxers for casual and sleeping (TMI?)

8.  Word association:  Halloween

ANS> TOT (Trick or Treaters)

9.  If you had to choose a Nom de Plume (aside from whatever you might currently use on your blog or whatever) what would you choose and why?

ANS> Thats it..... Nom de Plume.  He he.

In Irons has a couple of sources.... of course being clapped in irons if you are a misbehaving sailor and it also means a sailing vessel locked in duldrums with no wind...essentially being clad IN IRONS.  I saw that was the name of a sailboat and I thought oh my gosh what a great name for a sailboat.

10.  What conditioner do you use?  I'm afraid my hair is fried.  LOL

ANS> Follically challenged no need for conditioner.  I used to be a physically cut individual long blonde hair surfer dude in my early 20's.   Then I dont know what happened.

11.  Do you hate me for choosing you?  *evil cackle*

ANS> No not at all.  I am challenged in completing the task and all with my work schedule and all.... but Pensive Pumpkin is one of my favorite bloggers I follow and its a fun thing to do. 

Now I have to find 11 others....


  1. yay! thank you!

    i went to space camp as a kid and thought the same thing about those toilets. using that would scare me more than going into space, and i'm cool with digging a latrine.

    noomi is a beautiful woman, so that explains that. did you see the original gwtdt? wow. though sigourney is the be all end all that i wish i'd grown up to be. in character, out of character- she's rad.

    i'm a daughter of the american revolution.

    and i am honoured you called me one of your favorite bloggers. you rock. love the new design, even if blogger tried to eat it.

    thanks again!!!

  2. I saw the Swedish version of GWTDT with subtitles streamed from Netflix... Newer one is on our DVD listing but I do like Mr Craig so I do want to see It and oh that Noomi