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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Amazing Haunt - Self Built Dark Ride

As you may well know, Dark Rides are darkened amusement park type rides where riders in guided vehicles move through typically a theme based scenario.  Some of my favorite dark rides are:

I mean gosh here is Disneyland's Snow White entrance:

Wow, doesnt Disney do it good?

Well there are some folks in our Haunting culture that really do it great!  I got the 2011 Home Haunter DVD Collection and came across this one guy doing a smashing job on his own dark ride.  Tons of animatronics and lighting.  It requires a lot of electrical control and instrumentation which is my original background with 16 years of engineer electrical control and instrumentation at Kennedy Space Center on the space shuttle. I simply love this stuff. 

You have to see this, both the ride with some cute kids and then the backstage videos:

Here is the backstage pass:
The cars are driven by a simple portable drill motor and battery.  Good for 3 trips and then they change them out (trip counter built into the buggy)
Amazing, this guy easily has $75- $100K into this..... take a look!

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