Mansion at Midnight: Holy Crap... Amazing Haunt

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Monday, March 12, 2012

Holy Crap... Amazing Haunt

This guy is amazing....once you get to his blog, start going through his different posts for his Halloween haunts.  Click on each link below to take you to the blog post and you can see videos and other pics of their incredible Haunted Mansion inspired haunts.  Simply amazing!!!

Here is Indian Jones Temple of Doom Haunt:

Here is a Haunted Mine Walkthrough.  Simply brilliant!

Here is their Haunted Mansion Inspired 2006 haunt:

Take a moment and review his blog and all.... Kudos and more Kudos.  I dont know how they get the time and space and energy to do all this with different haunts every year.



  1. and here i just hope to copy the plaques / signs one day. wow.

  2. I am just hoping to do that too! I guess I am going to have to do the foam and hot wire cutter technique like Terra on the Haunt forum... Gosh so many talented people. I have seen quite a few folks woth haunted mansion plaques ...not sure how they did it!